The following is the breakdown of material costs for each portion of the school construction.

  • A normal one-classroom school serves 30 students.
  • Approximate cost of the total construction for a one-classroom school including furnishings (chalkboard, desks for children and teacher, and bookcases and shelves) is $15,000.
  • Approximate cost for a two-classroom school is $25,000.

The school in the village of Las Americas replaces a rented 10' X 10' room, the back room of a home, where 35 kindergarteners had been gathering faithfully to begin their formal education. Over-crowding and many other hazards posed threats to the children's safety and seriously inhibited their learning experiences.

Through the enthusiasm of San Antonio Mayor Amner Mendoza, Friends of Honduras USA was made aware of the needs of Andres Abelino Orellana Kindergarten in the village of San Luis. This two-classroom facility serving 50 children was lacking materials and funds for its completion. Mayor Mendoza worked with Friends of Honduras USA to secure funds and organize the support of local businesses and individuals to meet these needs. This school building was completed in early March 2012.

With enthusiasm and commitment growing among community leaders and parents of kindergarten age children, plans were drawn for the construction of a new school building for Pedro Nufio Kindergarten in the community of Colonia, San Juan to replace the current one of primitive construction.  This simple but practical one-classroom plan consists of a concrete floor, reinforced concrete block walls, metal roof, bars and screens for windows, restroom, and an exterior metal door.  Physical and financial support from the local area and from businesses in Honduras and the United States allowed for the opening of this school in September 10, 2012.

Construction of the third kindergarten, Elia Gloria Orellana in Barrio Plan Verde serving 25 to 35 kindergarteners was begun in the spring of 2012 as well.  Parents and educators worked tirelessly with bare hands and primitive tools to level the plot and clear away rocks and debris for the pouring of the foundation.   With this overwhelming local support, the Elia Gloria Orellana School opened with great celebration on July 9, 2012.

Schools of San Antonio, Cortes, Honduras

Beginning in late 2011, Friends of Honduras USA focused its efforts to provide clean water and safe convenient school buildings for the children of San Antonio, Cortes, Honduras.  San Antonio is an 87 square mile municipality with a school population of 8,000 children enrolled in 40 schools including kindergarten, middle, and high school.