The following is the breakdown of material costs for each portion of the school construction.

  • A normal one-classroom school serves 30 students.
  • Approximate cost of the total construction for a one-classroom school including furnishings (chalkboard, desks for children and teacher, and bookcases and shelves) is $15,000.
  • Approximate cost for a two-classroom school is $25,000.
Materials for a One Classroom SchoolUS Dollars

Roof – including metal trusses & metal sheeting


Cement blocks for walls

Reinforcement rods for walls $800
Cement for foundation, floors, and mortar for blocks $1,500
Windows and doors $1,500
Bathroom fixtures and plumbing $1,200
Electrical supplies - meter, panel, wiring, receptacles, lights,  & fans $1,200
Painting – inside and out $500
Chalk board $200
Bookcases and shelves $150
Teacher desk $125
Small school desks for normal class size of 30 students/one per child $750/$25
School supplies for each child per school year $50

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