Seeking a path out of crime and poverty for the youngest and most vulnerable of the Honduran population.

Construction of the third kindergarten, Elia Gloria Orellana in Barrio Plan Verde serving 25 to 35 kindergarteners was begun in the spring of 2012 as well.  Parents and educators worked tirelessly with bare hands and primitive tools to level the plot and clear away rocks and debris for the pouring of the foundation.   With this overwhelming local support, the Elia Gloria Orellana School opened with great celebration on July 9, 2012.

Friends of Honduras USA anticipates the construction of twenty additional schools to meet the needs of the children in the remote villages within the San Antonio district.  Toward the accomplishment of this critical objective, Friends of Honduras USA has set the financial goal of $1,000,000.  To sponsors committed to providing a path out of crime, violence, and poverty for the most vulnerable of the Honduras population, Friends of Honduras pledges the assurance that every dollar secured for this cause will be put toward this goal most efficiently.