Schools of San Antonio, Cortes, Honduras

Beginning in late 2011, Friends of Honduras USA focused its efforts to provide clean water and safe convenient school buildings for the children of San Antonio, Cortes, Honduras.  San Antonio is an 87 square mile municipality with a school population of 8,000 children enrolled in 40 schools including kindergarten, middle, and high school.

While older children are able to walk longer distances for school, it is necessary to the safety of the younger children to provide kindergarten facilities closer within communities.  Thus, for many locations in this remote mountain environment, kindergarteners attend schools consisting of poles supporting a metal roof without any protection from the elements; classes are unable to meet during the rainy seasons; and to avoid damage and theft, it is necessary for parents and teachers to carry home all furnishings and supplies at the end of each day.

Friends of Honduras USA Director Roland Dale began the San Antonio endeavor by engaging the cooperation of community leaders and educational personnel.  San Antonio was selected as the target area due primarily to enthusiasm and willingness expressed early on by Mayor Amner Mendoza for garnering the support of parents and teachers throughout the school districts of San Antonio to take responsibility for improving their communities.  As the result, citizens have been active in school construction as well as trash cleanup/disposal and landscaping for the improvement of their living environment.